How to Play Bingo Game? Rules & Tips to Make It More Fun

By Nova Issac

What is Bingo Game - An Overview

Bingo is a frequently played game in a hall or other locations with many players. People get cards with overall 25 numbers of 5 X 5 grids. The grids are divided into sections, each including a random number. Each number is chosen randomly by the caller using either cards or balls. The players mark the numbers called if they have it on their grid card. 

The game’s objective is being the first player to line up five digits in a row—horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. When a participant completes a row entirely, they exclaim “BINGO!” which is usually followed by rewards like gifts, cash, or just the thrill of winning.

This traditional offline game has now entered the online market. You may play bingo online and win real money from the comfort of your home.

How to Play Bingo Game Online - 3 Simple Steps

One of the key factors for a game’s popularity across all age categories is how simple the rules are to understand. In simple words, you have to pay attention to the numbers being called out and, if the number is on your card, scratch it off. The one to finish off a row first, wins!

That is a brief explanation of how bingo is played. Nevertheless, local variations of the game may occur. Here’s a step-by-step guide to how to play bingo online: 

1. Sign-up yourself for a bingo game party

There are various online gaming platforms that host bingo games. All you have to do is create an account and choose an alias (username). You are not required to use your actual name when playing games online. Choose a name that suits your gaming personality. 

The platform features might differ in terms of maximum deposit amount, the budget limit and security.

2. Analyze & Read Your Card Carefully

If you want to know how to play bingo online, it’s important to understand that your card will define your luck. The numbers in a card are arranged chronologically and the columns are named B, I, N, G, & O – as shown below:

★ Column B – Numbers between 1 to 15

★ Column I – Numbers between 16 to 30

★ Column N – Numbers between 31 to 45

★ Column G – Numbers between 46 to 60

★ Column O – Numbers between 61 to 75


The numbers are called out very quickly, therefore it’s better to know where to find your numbers.

3. Ready Set Go!

Once you have had a quick look at your numbers, the game is set and you are all prepared to win. In an online version of a bingo game, the web software chooses the numbers at random. As the number appears on the screen, players must keep up with the tempo and cross off the numbers on their cards. 

There are few ways you can win the game. You must choose the game you wish to play. There are few patterns that you have to choose before the game starts. These patterns are: angles, line, two lines & full house. We have elaborated these bingo game rules in the next section.

Bingo Game Rules & Winning Patterns

Anyone can learn how to play bingo game online. But the ones who are most familiar with the rules have the edge in the game. Here are the best bingo winning rules and pattern that you can follow:

1. Angles

In the pattern, it is necessary to cut each number in the ticket’s four corners as soon as feasible. The first person to finish the corners calls out “corners” to announce the win.


2. Line

The most common bingo winning pattern is the line. The pattern can be completed in vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines. There are 5 rows (vertical lines), 5 columns (horizontal lines) & 2 diagonals that one can expect to complete.


3. Two Lines

There is a possibility to declare two lines in the bingo game. The goal is to finish either 2 vertical columns or any two horizontal rows. To win the prize, the challengers must cross off two lines and then call it. 

Bingo (3)

4. Full House

A full house is when all the numbers in your card are crossed off. The person who first finishes the house receives the greatest reward. 

It would help if you yelled “bingo” after slicing all the digits on your card. Note that you can only slash or mark the number called while concentrating on the criteria. When learning how to play bingo, calling out is a crucial concept to understand. 

You could lose the points if you didn’t cry out about your accomplishment while playing the game. Before the next number is announced, you must call bingo to be eligible to win. 

Bingo (4)

Pro Bingo Tricks to Help You Win the Game

The following bingo tricks are shared by some of the pro players and can help you win every time. 

1. Pay close attention and record the numbers called. Never look elsewhere after the number is called; immediately cross it. Because if you missed even one of the numbers, your possibility of losing falls significantly.

2. Always cross the right number; failing to do so might result in a false call, resulting in a point deduction. 

3. Don’t forget to call out since you lose points if you fail to declare the achievement in time and the following number is called. The winning number has to be the one on which you finish your residence.

Different Types of Bingo Games To Play Online

1. Bingo 75-ball

75-ball bingo board game is the most well-liked one in North America. The numbers on the cards are split into 25 squares, each of which has a number from 1 to 75. Players cross off that number on their cards as each numeral is shouted out. The first player to receive a “Bingo!” wins the game

2. Bingo 90-ball

 This bingo variant is well-liked in the UK, and it’s played using a 90-ball bingo card. Much like 75-ball bingo, the numbers on the cards are organized in 25 squares, with each square carrying a number from 1 to 90. The players mark the numbers on their cards as the numbers are shouted out. The first player to receive a “Bingo!” wins the game.

3. 30-Ball Bingo

A 30-ball bingo card is used to play this form of bingo, which is often referred to as “speed bingo.” The numbers on the cards are divided into nine squares, each of which has a number from 1 to 30. You have control of the match when all of the digits on your cards are called. 

4. Boondoggle Bingo

This form of bingo is sometimes called “jackpot bingo” and is often played using a unique bonanza bingo card. The digits on the card are organized in 25 squares, with a number from 1 to 75 in each square. Players cross off that number on their cards as each numeral is shouted out. A player wins the game if it gets a first “Bingo!.” The payout is typically a monetary jackpot. 

5. Graph Bingo

In this bingo variant, people play to complete specified patterns using a conventional bingo card instead of just earning a “Bingo!” to win. The first player whose card completely covers the necessary pattern wins the game. The horizontal, vertical, diagonal, and T forms are typical patterns. There are several more bingo patterns that you can select to closely match your tastes. 


The historical account of Bingo proves that this game was traditional and loved by many across the globe. Previously, the players had to go to a hall to learn the fundamentals of the games and get the chance to win prizes. Even though bingo halls still exist, online versions have mostly taken their place. Eighty-five percent of players choose to play bingo online instead of in a physical hall. 

You should be aware of specific things if you are a newbie and wish to play online. In addition to jackpots, special offers, themes, and music, some can find them daunting. If you are new to bingo, read our tutorial and be ready to win big. 

The key to winning in bingo is to maintain concentration the entire time. This necessitates paying attention to this stuff being called out as well as any unique guidelines or patterns that could be relevant. If you follow these recommendations on how to play bingo game, it will be a lot of fun. 

You will quickly become a bingo master if you keep these suggestions in mind! Select a trustworthy online bingo games website, like Yolo247, which is one of the finest. Regular practice, attention to game variants, and sustained concentration are good strategies.

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