Top 3 Dragon Tiger Winning Tricks & Strategies

Dragon Tiger was created by players who enjoyed playing that, and the developers wanted to make an enjoyable game for experienced and new players. It first appeared on the online casino scene in the United States in 2018 and quickly became one of the most popular games available.

If you want to start playing at live dealer casinos, the Dragon Tiger live game is an easy-to-learn, fast-paced game. 

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Dragon Tiger, and after that, you can play with any betting site to win and enjoy your gaming experience.

What is Dragon Tiger live game?

The online gaming Dragon Tiger is arbitrary, and players battle against the other hand rather than the dealer, which makes it unique. For instance, if you bet on the Dragon hand, the Tiger hand will be your opponent rather than the dealer.
Pick, and the dealer will lay the cards out on the table. 

One card is dealt to each team, and the team with the highest hand value wins the round. There won’t be protracted games like blackjack where you have to wait for everyone at the table to start playing.

How to play Dragon Tiger Casino Online

This section will be brief and straightforward because the game requires only a few steps to place bets. You can put four different types of bets with their odds.

  • 1:1 Dragon Hand
  • Suited Tie 50:1
  • Tiger Hand 1:1
  • Tie 11:1

Here’s a quick example of the game 

You must place your wager, and the bet can only be placed on one option above. The dealer will deal a card to the Dragon and Tiger sides of the table, and the highest card will win the game.

Three winning strategies

1. Choose a reputable dealer

The majority of Dragon Tiger gamers do so for leisurely entertainment. 

Choose the most prominent house edge for yourself, and your leisure time will also be the most complete. The players can frequently find enough information about the rules, how to pay, and how to deposit at respected house edges. Everything is open and understandable. 

Remember that selecting these items gives you a prestigious home advantage when playing the Dragon Tiger casino online game. When you first begin playing a game of Dragon Tiger, you shouldn’t go right into betting without conducting any analysis or developing any sort of special strategy. 

The player must watch the dealer deal with the cards and learn the rules. Keep track of each game’s outcomes so you can make informed wagers on the next game. 

Make a wager once you’ve determined the game’s rules and your style of play. Your chance of winning will undoubtedly be higher than when you have no information.

2. Card-counting methodology

Because there aren’t many cards utilized, players may quickly count the handed cards at Dragon Tiger Live Casino. 

To master the card-counting method, you must improve your ability to pay attention and observe. Even though counting cards while playing can initially seem difficult, you will quickly pick it up with practice. 

Using this method, you may track the quantity of 7-card hands and the large value cards given. Watch out for pairings of 7, as they automatically result in a loss. Your odds of winning are higher if most of the seven cards have been dealt.

3. Suit-based strategy

Dragon Tiger is a game of chance; there are some strategies you can employ to raise your chances of winning. You need to track which suits are still in the deck and which cards have been dealt. 

If you see that the suit of diamonds is the least usually dealt, placing your next stake on them would be advisable. 

Count the suits that have been dealt rather than those still in the deck when playing at the Dragon Tiger online casino.

Things to Consider When Preparing to Play Live Dragon Tiger betting

In addition to different strategies, you can use simple tricks and tips to help you win in Dragon Tiger:

Keep a watch on the dealer.

Observing the dealer is an intelligent way to improve your chances of winning at Dragon Tiger live casino. Before betting, take the time to analyse how the game progresses and devise a streamlined strategy. 

Improve your chances of winning by paying attention to how each game unfolds and basing your decisions on the outcomes.

Understand the rules of the game

Before starting fun at Dragon Tiger casino online, ensure you are familiar with the game’s mechanics. To maximise your winnings, familiarise yourself with the Dragon Tiger gameplay. Because this is a simple game, you’ll be able to master it in no time. 

Before playing, you should know the game’s payouts, as different online casinos offer different payouts. The next step is for the dealer to deal a card to the table’s Dragon and Tiger sides. The hand with the highest card will take home the victory.

Stick to your main bets

If you only bet on the Dragon and Tiger, you have a 50-50 chance of winning. 

This is one of the best options because no card counting and other strategies are required. Only wager on the Dragon and Tiger lines because they have an equal win percentage and will pay bonuses. 

If you insist on betting on the Tie, you will be taking a risk.

Avoid sticking to standards

You could be tempted to stick with the same side after winning in one round to ride your luck. 

A winning run should not be used as an excuse to continue putting the same bets. 

Whether you win or lose the round, your chances of winning stay the same. For instance, just because the Tiger card has won three straight rounds does not guarantee it will do so again in the following round.

Avoid placing tie bets

Although Dragon Tiger Live game side bets give players the chance to win larger payouts, doing so is trickier than it would seem. 

The tie bet is one kind of side wager that you ought to avoid. Tie bets have the potential for higher payouts, but they are also among the hardest to win. Out of 86,320 potential combinations, there are 6,488 tie results in this game, giving the house a 32.77 per cent advantage. You now have 79,872 odds of losing the wager. Winning the 8-to-1 prize is a coveted opportunity because there are only 1,456 matched ties.

Master The Art Of Winning

After dealing cards with the players, the dealer holds one card face up on the casino board. The player who draws the highest and highest card wins the round. You must first realise that the Ace card has the lowest rate. 

The dealer will receive the entire pot if the player chooses the dragon or the tiger wager, resulting in a tie. 

The participants who bet on a tie will lose half their money if the Dragon Tiger wins the game. It is comparable to baccarat, where the lowest house edge is on the Dragon Tiger bet. Although the tie bet has the biggest house advantage, the likelihood of winning is the lowest while winning is the greatest.

Best If You Bet, the reward is not great

Using the maximum wager when playing Dragon Tiger will not be effective. We’ll see. The reward is not great if you wager the full amount on the dragon or tiger and win.

 Additionally, you will lose all of your money if the tie bet wins. Therefore, placing the maximum wager is not always the best player option. 

There is some information regarding the Dragon Tiger betting game that you might not have known, as well as some advice on how to win at it. 

If you prefer card games with simple rules and brief action, this quick and easy game is right for you.



When you play at the Dragon Tiger casino online, try your luck and tame the monsters. With its simple rules and straightforward action, you can win substantial prizes while having a blast. 

Don’t let fate decide your future! Applying these useful tips to your next game in the Dragon Tiger online casino will help you take your performance to the next level. Make sure you understand all of the fundamental game principles, including how the cards are dealt and how the bets are put, before you take on the challenge of Dragon Tiger casino.

Dragon Tiger features many gaming methods you can employ to increase your chances of winning despite its simplicity. When you master the game, you get a chance to become the next top player. 

Despite being a risky game, Dragon Tiger can still be played without strategies. The Dragon Tiger game tips mentioned above can increase one’s chances of winning. However, having fun is the game’s primary goal.

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