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Yolo247 Referral Code

Yolo247 Referral Code is an exclusive offer for specific events. You may go through our Referral scheme and other exciting offers. 

Yolo247 Referral Code 

Referral code makes your online betting experience even more profitable. Refer a friend. Earn up to 5% Referral Bonus, on your friend’s first deposit. 

Introduce Yolo247 to your friends and play together! You will earn a 5% bonus on their first deposit amount.

If you refer a friend, when he signs up with Yolo247 using your referral link and makes a deposit of, let’s assume INR 10,000. Then you are eligible for up to INR 500 bonus after your friend completes 3x RO of their deposit amount.

Quick Yolo247 Sign Up

How to Refer a Friend?

Go through the simple process to understand the plan better. 

  • Share your referral code/URL with your friend and ask them to join Yolo247.
  • Your friend has to Register on Yolo247 using your referral code.
  • Your friend has to complete their first deposit.
  • Once your friend completes the first deposit and 3x RO requirement, you will get 5% of the deposit amount as a referral bonus.

What is RO Requirement?

In simple terms, RO means Rollover. You need to complete a certain valid rollover to avail your referral bonus. 

Terms & Conditions for Yolo247 Referral Code

We have listed all the terms and condition to avail your Yolo247 Referral Code offer. 

1. One Per Person 

Referral Bonus Promotion is valid only once per reference.

2. Main Wallet 

The bonus amount will be issued to your main wallet after the completion of the first deposit and turnover requirements by the referee.

3. Roll Over 

The deposit amount must be rolled over 3x times. Turnover generated anywhere across the platform will be calculated towards the turnover requirements.

4. Timeline 

The turnover requirements must be met within 7 days after your friend’s first deposit. If the turnover requirement is not completed within this timeline, then the bonus will expire.

5. No to duplicate accounts 

Multiple accounts will not be considered for this Promotion. All players will be subject to duplicate checking.

Yolo247 reserves the right to disqualify players if any collusion or any foul play takes place in the promotion.

6. Valid Turn Over 

The turnover amount is calculated as ‘Valid Turnover’ and the formula for valid turnover is the following: The ratio of your Absolute Value of P&L to the Total Stake must be greater than or equal to 10%.

The Valid Turnover is calculated by ‘Market’ for sports or by ‘Round’ for casinos. So, you could place bets in 1 market in sports or multiple bets in 1 round of casino. But the total P&L to the Total Stake ratio must be greater than or equal to 10%. Please note that match odds provided by multiple bookmakers offered in exchange will be considered as 1 market.

Other conditions for Yolo247 Referral Code

Go through the additional clauses and conditions. 

  • Void/Cancelled/Draw/Cashed out bets do not count towards the deposit of bonus turnover requirements.
  • This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with, or to contribute to the eligibility for any other promotion.
  • Yolo247 reserves the right to amend, cancel, reclaim or refuse any promotion at its discretion.
  • The bonus amount cannot be withdrawn but the winnings from the bonus are withdrawable.
  • In the event, if any fraudulent activity of the player(s) has been identified, Yolo247 reserves the right to withhold your funds and reject your withdrawals.
  • Yolo247 general terms & conditions apply.

Welcome Bonus 

On your first deposit, you are eligible for 300% Welcome Bonus on Yolo247

All you need is to complete the 20x Roll Over of your deposit. You can get the bonus amount instantly.

You can use this Welcome Bonus to place your bets on Online Casino, Sports Betting and a wide range of casino games. As a betting site, Yolo247 offers various payment options and payment methods.

Refill Bonus 

Whenever you reload your balance, you stand a chance to get up to 5% Refill Bonus. It is applicable to all kinds of deposits. Be it UPI payments or Bank transfers, you can be assured to receive the Refill bonus on Yolo247.

Where to get Yolo247 Referral Code? 

As we discussed earlier, Referral is an event-specific offer on Yolo247. We have given out this offer and made the betting experience worthwhile for many of our customers in the past.  

Periodically, we will open up the offer again. Stay tuned on all Yolo247 social media platforms. Grab this opportunity, the moment we release the offer. 

You can check out other offers: Yolo247 Promotions

Being one of the leading gambling sites, Yolo247 has a 24×7 customer service. You can get your queries answered in real-time, during anytime of the day.

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