Mankading in Cricket | What’s all the Fuss about?

Mankading in cricket has been one of the hottest topics in the last few years. The controversial dismissal has sparked debates and heated conversations among cricketers, pundits, and fans. Is mankading legal in cricket?

Mankading in cricket is an infamous and controversial mode of dismissal wherein a bowler runs out the non-striker batsman for leaving the crease too early. According to the law, the non-striker has to remain in the crease before the bowler has released the ball. If not, the bowler has every right to dismiss the non-striking batter.

Many pundits, ex-players, and fans have been critical of the International Cricket Council (ICC), citing that the dismissal is against the spirit of the game. It continues to divide opinions and spark huge debates in the cricketing world. Let’s take a closer look at the mankading meaning in cricket.

Mankading in Cricket – The First Instance

Mankading in cricket is named after a controversy involving legendary Vinoo Mankad and Australia’s Bill Brown. During India’s tour of Australia in 1947, the Indian all-rounder dismissed Brown, who was at the non-striker’s end, for leaving the crease early. Mankad earned the ire of the Australian media, who called it an unsporting act. The dismissal was also termed as mankading.

The critics of mankading believe that the bowlers should warn the non-striking batters before dismissing them. Else, the dismissal is against the spirit of the game. However, Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) law 41.16 clearly states that it is unfair for the batters to steal a run during the bowler’s run-up.

Mankading Rule – Buttler & Charlotte

Two mankading incidents involving two England cricketers’ recently sparked huge debates on mankading rule. In Indian Premier League (IPL) 2019 season, Ravichandran Ashwin, playing for Kings XI Punjab, saw Jos Buttler off his crease and ran him out. The Indian bowler saw Buttler was backing up too far, removed the bails, and the umpire gave him out.

Buttler was outraged, while former cricketers Kevin Pietersen, Dale Steyn, etc., condemned Ashwin’s act. The Chennai-born cricketer and the England white-ball captain have been playing for Rajasthan Royals since the 2021 season.

During the ODI series against England in 2022, India women’s cricket team spinner Deepti Sharma grabbed headlines after she ran out Charlotte Dean, who had left her crease before Deepti delivered the ball. England women’s team captain Heather Knight accused Deepti of not warning her teammate, a claim denied by the off-spinner.

Law in Cricket vs Spirit of the Game

Despite the MCC clearly stating that bowlers are permitted to run out non-strikers if they leave the crease early, many current and ex-cricketers were far from impressed with bowlers who put the rule into practice. They feel that mankading in cricket brings disgrace to the game and also sets a poor example for young kids coming into the game.

Former fast bowlers Mitchell Johnson and Ian Bishop expressed support for mankading dismissals and suggested to batters that they stay in their crease. In 2017, legendary Indian batter Sunil Gavaskar called for ‘Mankad’ to be removed from the game’s terminology as it disrespects the former Indian player.

Mankading in Cricket – Players Dismissed

Many players have been mankaded in first-class cricket. But in international cricket, only nine players had to walk off after being dismissed by the controversial rule. Bill Brown was the first player to be given out in red-ball cricket.

England’s Brian Luckhurst and Hong Kong international Mark Chapman became the first players to be dismissed in ODIs and T20Is, respectively. Jos Buttler was mankaded in the 50-over and T20 formats.

Ian Redpath, Derek Randall, Sikander Bakht, Grant Flower, and Peter Kirsten are the other cricketers part of the mankading dismissal club in international cricket.

Rule Change

After much deliberations, the MCC, in 2022, changed mankading from ‘unfair play’ to ‘run out’. It was deemed unfair from the fielding side to mankad a non-striker. However, mankading dismissal will now be listed as run-outs in the scorecard.

FAQs about Mankading in Cricket

How many Indians players were dismissed by mankading? 

No Indian cricketer has been dismissed by mankading in international cricket. However, Kapil Dev has run out South Africa’s Peter Kirsten via mankading.

How many players were dismissed by Mankading in IPL? 

Jos Buttler remains the only player to be dismissed by Mankading in IPL.

Who is the last player in international cricket to be dismissed by mankading? 

In men’s cricket, Hong Kong’s Mark Chapman is the latest player to be dismissed by mankading.

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