How to play Ludo Game? – A complete guide 

How to play ludo game? is no longer a question. The game of ludo is easy to learn and simple to play. The game does not require special skills or knowledge, regardless of how challenging it may seem. 

The game’s goal is to get all your pawns inside the board’s middle space. Hence, patience and a basic understanding are required to win real money in the ludo game.

Are you new to this game and wondering how to play it? This article is for you. We have explained all the steps to play the Ludo Betting Game and added a few helpful tips and tricks to win the game. 

What is Ludo Game?

Ludo has been popular since the 19th century. You can play it with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 players in the standard Ludo game. 

Each player must roll the dice once and move the pawn forward (depending on what number the player got from the dice roll). The first player to move all four of their pawns at the home space is the winner. However, there are some rules you need to follow while playing the game. 

How to play ludo game? | For Beginners

Before you start playing, you need to set up the ludo account. It will help you line up the dice and track which one is yours.  

Here are the steps you need to consider while playing the ludo game:

1. You have to place your pieces in matching-colored pockets. 

Ludo boards are shaped like crosses and have four equal arms. You have to keep all the pawns in your pocket until you may place them on the board. A Pocket is the circle or square in the ludo board adjacent to the matching color row and is where all the pawns stay until you start the game. 

2. Rolling the dice will determine who goes first. 

The player must roll the dice to start the ludo game. You can take turns clockwise. 

3. You can bring your first pawn onto the board by rolling a 6.

To move a pawn across the board, players must roll a 6 on their turn. If the person who starts doesn’t roll a 6, then the next person takes the turn. In the event that you roll a 6, you can bring in your pawns to the board. 

4. When you move the pawn, your turn is over. You must hand the dice to the next player.

Each player can move the new pawns once during their turn. Once he/she has moved the pawn, the next player can take the turn, depending on the roll.

5. Get on the same square as an enemy pawn to capture it.

Any time when players get on the same square where one of their opponent’s pawns is, they can capture that piece. The opponent has to remove the pawn from the board if the player land on their space. The opponent has to roll a six once more to return the pawn to the board during their turn.

6. Don’t enter the areas that have unique marks.

Some ludo boards have places known as patches that include extra marks like a circle or a crown. You must avoid this area as it will return your pawn to the pocket. To get that pawn back on the board, you will need to roll a 6.

7. You must have all four pawns in the home space to win the game.

You cannot win the game when you place only one pawn on the home base. You have to roll again on your turn and then place one pawn at a time onto the home base. The player wins the game if he or she gets all their pawns onto the home base and reaches the home first.

How to Play Ludo Game – Important terms to know

Here is the list of essential ludo terms you must know to master the game. 

  • Ludo Dice 
  • Special Blocks on the Board 
  • Roll Dice

Ludo Game Tips and Tricks Importance 

Ludo is a Board game that can be played by people of all ages. You must know all the tricks tips and tricks to improve your chances of winning. Playing the ludo game helps to improve your critical thinking and logical reasoning. 

Ludo  game Tips and Tricks

Now, let’s talk about how to win this game. Winning at any board game comes down to the easiest tips and tricks.

Understand the Ludo Rules in-depth

Knowing every rule of the ludo game is definitely the first tactic to master. Ludo has many rules, and understanding them makes playing the game more comfortable and even help you in making good decisions. 

Practice makes perfect

One of the best ways to improve your ludo game is to practice. Set up a ludo board or put one in your house. You can also challenge your friends and family to a few rounds of Ludo.

You can even play Ludo for free, as numerous Ludo betting sites offer free games online as part of their welcome offer. You can win some free tokens before joining the website by playing these free games.

Obtain the opponent’s tokens

You must spread out all of your tokens before playing Ludo.  Try capturing the opponent’s token and sending it back to the play yard. Hence, one of the best ludo strategies is moving your tokens to capture the opponent’s tokens.

Have patience

Ludo is slow and a game of patience. Hence, it’s advisable to be in the safe zone if you don’t roll well on the dice, especially if the opponents surround your pawns.

How to play Ludo game- Final Thoughts

Ludo is a classic strategy game that is easy to learn, because of its simple rules. It is the perfect game for family bonding, and you can play it with your kids and friends.

However, it’s essential to roll the dice perfectly in the ludo game. You must capture and lock when it’s the right time. Following all the above-mentioned ludo game tips and tricks can also be helpful to win the game. 

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Can you roll three sixes in Ludo?

The player gets an additional roll after moving whenever they roll the six. The player loses his turn if he or she rolls six three times in a row.

What is the best way to always win a Ludo game?

You can win a ludo game if you implement the above tricks every time you play. You should include Ludo game tips and tricks to win the ludo game and ensure all your tokens arrive safely.

Does playing Ludo need talent or luck?

You cannot influence the outcome of the dice roll in the Ludo game. So, it is neither a game of absolute skill nor based solely on luck.

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