How to play Dragon Tiger Game? | Rules to win

How to play Dragon Tiger Game is no longer a question. You can play this game on many betting sites to win real money. It is an easy-to-play online casino game that has gained popularity worldwide due to its simplicity.

In this article, you can learn everything there is to know about Dragon Tiger game including rules and strategies. 

Dragon Tiger Game – What it is?

Dragon Tiger is a popular fast-paced casino game. The game has two animals and the goal is to predict which one will get a higher card. Players can find it very appealing as the game’s rules are easy to grasp. 

How to Play Dragon Tiger Game?

To play the Dragon Tiger game, you must understand the nuances of the game. You can also have a look at the Tips & Tricks for Dragon Tiger Game. The main objective of Dragon Tiger is to predict the higher-value card. 

Dragon Tiger rules

Before you start playing the Dragon Tiger real cash game, go through the following rules: 

  • Place a bet on the Dragon box or on the Tiger box.
  • The cards are drawn out from a 6-8 pre-shuffled deck of cards.
  • The highest card value is the King & the lowest card value is the Ace.
  • The dealer will draw one card and put it on the Dragon & Tiger box after you place a bet.
  • If your initial bet has a higher-value card, then you’ll win. 
  • You can also choose “Tie”
  • In case of a tie, you will receive 50% of your initial bet amount and an additional payout.

How to play Dragon Tiger game efficiently? Winning Strategies

You can increase your chances of winning a live Dragon Tiger game by following these three strategies:

Suit-Based Strategy

This is one of the most-followed strategies in Dragon Tiger game. You should keep track of the suits that have already been played and determine which suits are still left in the deck. 

Card Counting Strategy

Dragon Tiger uses a small number of cards, making it easy to keep track of the number of cards dealt. You must become more attentive to master the card-counting strategy.

Let your fate not be decided by chance! You can take your game to the next level by using this card-counting method. 

Martingale Strategy 

Many experienced players use the Martingale strategy. The process is to double the bet stake after every loss.

The Martingale strategy works like this:

  1. Choose the Tiger box and place Rs 100. If you lose the first round, use the martingale strategy by doubling the bet in the next game.
  2. During the second round, place Rs 200 on the Tiger side.
  3. If you lose in the second round, double your bet again (Rs 400) in the third round.
  4. In the fourth round, if you win, you will get Rs. 800 (profit of Rs100). 
  5. Then, start again from Rs. 100. 
  6. Please note that you must not swift your choices from Tiger to Dragon. 

How to play Dragon Tiger Game – Final Thoughts

Dragon Tiger is a classic card game that is easy to learn because of its simple rules. We have shed light on the rules, strategies and tips. Among all the strategies, Martingale is the best strategy for winning the Dragon Tiger game India. 

Play more. Live the game. Get the best gaming experience.   

Frequently Answered Questions

In the Dragon Tiger game, Luck plays a major role. However, you can increase your winning chances by following the strategies.

The game’s objective is to guess the higher ranking or value card: the Dragon or the Tiger. Some people feel that it is a rummy game but it is not.

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