How Many World Cups Australia Won In Cricket? | ODI & T20

Australia is one of the dominating cricket teams for a long time. Winning the maximum number of World Cup trophies is not a small feat. 

Australia is the only side to win the title more than three times. The next best in the list is India and the West Indies, who won the trophy on two occasions.

Find out more details about the best cricket team in the world. 

How Many World Cups Australia Won In Cricket? (ODI)

Australia won the World Cup trophy on five occasions. 

In fact, between 1999 and 2011, they won 34 games in a row. Look at each of the title wins of Australia and their journey to glory. 

1987 ODI World Cup: 

This was the first time Australia had won the ODI World Cup. This win also marked the beginning of the dominance of the Aussies.

  • Because till this point, it was the West Indies who were doing all the winning, and India was also no longer an underdog since they also beat the West Indies to win the 1983 ODI World Cup.
  • Under Allan Border, the team played eight games, losing just one match in the process, and beat England at the iconic Eden Gardens by seven runs.

1999 ODI World Cup: 

After successive failures to produce results like 1987, Australia dominated from 1999 onward. That was the year everything changed for Australia.

  • Under the leadership of Steve Waugh, the team would win eight of the ten games that were played. 
  • And won against Pakistan in the final to lift their second ODI World Cup trophy.

2003 ODI World Cup:

Under the leadership of Ricky Ponting, Australia would keep on winning.

  • They had landed in South Africa to defend the title, and despite losing Shane Warne on the eve of the tournament opener, Ponting and his men didn’t give up.
  • They would win 11 out of 11, winning every match by huge margins.

2007 ODI World Cup:

  • Australia’s juggernaut continued under Ponting four years later in the West Indies. 
  • Australia would again win 11 games on the trot, winning every match by a bigger margin.
  • They would eventually lift their fourth World Cup title, beating Sri Lanka in the ODI World Cup final, which was full of farce.

2015 ODI World Cup:

Back on home soil, this time under the leadership of Michael Clarke, Australia would lose just one match—that too to New Zealand—only to come back strong in the tournament.

They won against India in the semi-final and go on to beat New Zealand in the final to lift their fifth World Cup title.

How Many World Cups Australia Won In Cricket? (T20)

So if someone asks how many world cups Australia has won in cricket, you know the answer!

That’s five.

But the answer would vary when you include the shortest format of the game. Yes, we are talking about T20 cricket, where Australia didn’t taste as much success as they did in ODI Cricket. 

They played in the final in the 2010 edition only to be beaten by England in the final.

They played the final in 2021, where they would face New Zealand and win their first ever T20 World Cup title.

 Final Thoughts On How Many World Cups Australia Won in Cricket

Australia has won five World Cup titles, but the answer to this question: how many world cups has Australia won in cricket? is not five.

It can also be six since they won one T20 World Cup title in 2021 as well, which means they have won six cricket World Cup titles overall.

One is from the T20 edition, and five are from ODI cricket.


They won overall six titles, winning five titles in ODI and one T20 world cup title.

Australia won five editions of ODI World Cups: 1987, 1999, 2003, 2007 and 2015.

Australia won the T20 World Cup just once. This was in 2021.


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