Football Studio Casino Game | Rules, Features & Payouts

Football Studio casino game has merged the thrill of football with classic cards and has been turning heads. The game has attracted not only casino enthusiasts but also even football fans. 

Known for its fast-paced gameplay and exciting atmosphere, this game has become a top choice for players looking for fun and rewards. Let’s explore the rules of Football Studio and the exciting features that can help you become a master of this game.

Overview of Football Studio Casino Game

Football Studio is a game of prediction that is developed by Evolution, one of the leading gaming providers.  Players are presented with two main betting options – “Home” (A) and “Away” (B). 

  • The objective is simple: predict which hand will draw the higher card. 
  • If you believe both hands will have cards of the same value, you can also bet on a “Draw” (X).

The game is hosted by a live dealer in a football-themed studio, adding an immersive touch to your gaming experience. 

How To Play Football Studio? | Football Studio Casino Game Rules

Football Studio Casino Game stands out for its simplicity, making it accessible to newcomers and seasoned players. To get started, here are the fundamental rules of Football Studio:

Placing Bets

Begin by placing your bets on either the “Home” or “Away” spot. If you predict a tie, you can also wager on the “Draw” option.

Dealing Cards

The dealer draws two cards, one for the “Home” and one for the “Away” sides. These cards are placed face-up on the table, revealing their values.

Determining the Outcome

The outcome of the game is determined by comparing the values of the two drawn cards. The hand with the higher card value wins. The card values range from lowest to highest as follows: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A.


If you bet on the “Home” or “Away” side and your chosen hand wins, you’ll receive a payout with a ratio of 1:1. However, if you placed a wager on the “Draw” bet. It hits, you’ll enjoy a higher payout with a ratio of 11:1, and half of your initial betting amount will be returned.

Betting Types & Payouts in Football Studio Casino Game

In Football Studio, you’ll encounter a selection of bet types, each offering its own set of payouts. The main betting options are HOME and AWAY, but the most enticing payout is reserved for those who dare to wager on the Draw (X). 

Here’s an overview of Football Studio’s bet types and their corresponding payouts:

  1. HOME: Betting on HOME (A) results in a 1:1 payout ratio.
  2. AWAY: Likewise, wagering on AWAY (B) will have a 1:1 payout ratio.
  3. Draw: Betting on the Draw (X) comes with an impressive 11:1 payout. Additionally, half of your initial betting amount is returned in the event of a Draw.

Key Features of Football Studio Casino Game 

Football Studio boasts a range of features that enhance the overall gaming experience. Here are a few noteworthy highlights:

  1. Chat Option: You can use the chat option to engage with the dealer and fellow players. 
  2. Live Stats: By using this feature, players can keep tabs on the outcomes of previous rounds. The Symbols A, H, and D represent AWAY, HOME, and DRAW, allowing you to track the game’s history.
  3. Game History: The history button will launch a  window showing all the game rounds that have been played and the results of those rounds. You can see your past gaming activity by clicking:
  • Account History 
  • Game History 

All the above-mentioned features make the Football Studio Casino game enjoyable, providing an enriched gaming atmosphere that keeps players engaged and entertained.

Final Thoughts on Football Studio Casino Game

Football Studio is a fantastic casino card game that combines simplicity with exciting payouts, making it a favorite among online gamblers. By grasping the rules and knowing all the features and payouts, you’ll be well-equipped to enjoy an outstanding Football Studio experience. So, place your bets and start your Football Studio Casino Gaming journey now!



The Bet types available on the Football Studio Casino game are:

HOME (A) – 1:1
AWAY (B) – 1:1
DRAW (X) – 11:1

A is the highest-value card in the Football Studio Casino game.

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