Dragon Tiger Game | Tips & Tricks to Win

Dragon Tiger Game is an easy card game that anyone can play, regardless of age. It’s a casino game that welcomes new players with open arms and offers room for growth and improvement. 

You can master the Dragon Tiger game with a little practice and increase your chances of winning.

In the game, the players need to predict which animal gets the higher card – The Dragon or the Tiger.

This article will discuss what exactly you need to know about the game: how to play the Dragon Tiger game and the tips to improve the chances of winning.

Dragon Tiger game overview

It is a strategy card game where you have the option to bet on either the Dragon or the Tiger card. The game starts when you place a bet on Dragon or Tiger. The winner is selected based on having a higher card.  

Types of Bets in Dragon Tiger Game

  • Hand Bet
  • Big Small Bet
  • Side Bet
  • Odd Bet
  • Even Bet
  • Tie Bet
  • Suited Tie Bet
  • Suit Bet
1. Hand Bet: This is like a basic bet where you choose either “Dragon” or “Tiger” to have the higher hand value. If your pick wins, you win too.
2. Big Small Bet: You predict whether the hand value will be “Big” (8 or higher) or “Small” (6 or lower). If you guess right, you win!
3. Side Bet: This is like a little extra bet you can make on things like a specific card being dealt or the suits of the cards.
4. Odd Bet: You bet on whether the hand’s total value will be an odd number. If it turns out odd, you win.
5. Even Bet: This is the opposite of the Odd Bet. You bet on whether the hand’s total value will be an even number.
6. Tie Bet: You wager on both the Dragon and Tiger hands having the same value. If they tie, you win this bet.
7. Suited Tie Bet: Similar to the Tie Bet, but you’re betting that the Dragon and Tiger hands will tie and have the same suit. It’s a bit trickier but pays more if you get it right.
8. Suit Bet: You’re guessing the suit of the next card, like hearts, diamonds, clubs, or spades. If you pick the right suit, you win.
Remember, these bets can make the game more exciting, but they also carry different odds and risks. So, choose wisely and have fun playing!

How To Play Dragon Tiger Game?

Dragon Tiger is an easy game to play. There are two cards: one is for the Dragon betting options and the other is for the Tiger betting position. A player can bet on the Dragon, Tiger, or Tie.

The Dragon Tiger game’s rules are simple, but mastering the game takes practice and time.

  • Decide whether to bet on Dragon or Tiger
  • Each card is drawn from a deck of 6-8 shuffled cards
  • Aces have the lowest card value, and kings have the highest card value
  • After placing the bets on the Dragon & Tiger box, the Dealer will draw one card 
  • The higher your initial bet, the higher your chances of winning more 
  • Each player has his/her own set of Dragon, Tiger, and Tie boxes to play against the Dealer 
  • If you feel that both cards drawn have the same value, then you can bet on a tie box
  • You will receive 50% of your initial bet amount and an additional payout in the event of a tie
  • If the chosen animal gets the higher card, you will get the profit
You may also go through the detailed rules on how to play Dragon Tiger Game

Dragon tiger game basics you must know

Check out the tips and tricks mentioned below to increase your chances of winning. You can also get the Dragon Tiger game winning strategies. 

Keep an eye on the Dealer

If you want to increase your chance of winning the Dragon Tiger game, keep an eye on the Dealer. You should take some time to see how the game is going and then make a strategy before placing any bet. 

Hence, you can increase the chances of winning by going through each game’s outcome and making a decision based on it.

Know The Rules Of The Game

Before making any bet ensure you are familiar with the game’s rules. You must also learn how to play the game to increase your chances of winning.

Focus On Your Primary Bet Types

If you place a bet on the Dragon or Tiger, your chances of winning the game are 50/50. It is better to make a streamlined strategy and focus on the primary bet types.

Be aware of the Ins & Outs of the game 

Know everything about the game to increase the chances of winning the Dragon Tiger game. You can do so effortlessly by playing a demo game. You must also know the Dragon Tiger game’s payout percentages so that you may make money out of it. 

Keep changing the betting patterns

After winning the first round, you may be tempted to remain on the same side. It is essential to avoid using the same pattern throughout the game. In other words, just because the Tiger card has won three consecutive rounds, it does not mean that Tiger will win the next time again.

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