Complete Guide & Tips | ODI Cricket World Cup Betting Tips

ODI Cricket world cup betting tips are essential if you are expecting to win consistently. You might bet impulsively, but these tips will regulate your betting pattern. 

The 2023 ODI world cup is all set to start on 5th October with the last edition’s finalists, England and New Zealand, taking on each other. While the ten teams participating in the world cup will look to get hold of the prized possession, you have the opportunity to win big by doing cricket betting using cricket betting tips.

Find our complete guide for ODI World Cup Betting. 

Top ODI Cricket World Cup Betting Tips

The following are some of the betting tips for cricket world cup that you should keep in handy while placing bets during the ODI world cup 2023:

Cricket World Betting Tips #1 | Recent Performance of Teams & Player

Before you place the bets, you should be aware of the recent performances of the teams and players. 

For example, if you are going to place a bet on the Australian cricket team, you should know the recent ODI form of the team and which Australian players have been doing well recently. Once you have such data, you will be in a better position to make a smart bet.

Cricket World Betting Tips #2 | Head-to-Head Record of the Teams

When placing bets, make sure that you know how the two teams have fared recently. 

For example, if India and Pakistan are playing an ODI match, you must know their recent head-to-head record. India might have been dominating in the ODI format against Pakistan recently, so you would ideally want to place a bet on India winning the match. Keep a tab on such records to place bets smartly and win big.

Cricket World Betting Tips #3 | Pitch and Weather Conditions

Another crucial factor that you need to keep in mind before placing bets is the cricket pitch. Depending on the pitch, you should pick a team or a player to bet on. 

For example, a pitch that is dry will assist the spinners more. Betting on a talented spinner and a team that plays spin well will give you a better chance at landing a successful bet.

Weather conditions can also impact the way a match pans out. For example, cloudy conditions will suit seam and swing bowlers more, as opposed to spin bowlers. The opening batters who are vulnerable against the moving ball will be a bad pick in such conditions.

Teams Available to Bet On during the ODI World Cup 2023

Now that you know world cup betting tips, you should also know the teams that are participating in the ODI world cup 2023. The following ten teams will be a part of the mega event, the ODI cricket world cup 2023:

  • Australia
  • India
  • England
  • South Africa
  • New Zealand
  • Sri Lanka
  • Bangladesh
  • Afghanistan
  • Pakistan
  • Netherlands

Online Cricket Betting on Yolo247

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Follow the cricket world cup betting tips while placing bets.

Concluding Thoughts on Cricket World Cup Betting Tips

The 2023 cricket world cup is about to start in October, and cricket enthusiasts can’t keep their calm. With so much excitement around the tournament, bettors have an exciting opportunity to bet and win. To land successful bets regularly, you should follow cricket betting tips.

FAQs on Cricket World Cup Betting Tips

Yolo247, the most trusted online cricket betting platform, is the best place for betting during the ODI world cup 2023.

India, Pakistan, Australia, and England are the favourite teams to win the ODI world cup 2023.

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