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Aviatrix is gaining popularity exponentially in the online gaming arena because of its simplicity and potential for bigger winnings. The game’s objective is to place the bet before the flight takes off, wait for the odds to go higher, and cash out winnings before it explodes. The game’s excitement lies in predicting the right cash out timing while securing the winnings. The longer the plane stays in the air, the more your winnings will be. 

What makes this game unique and stand out from other crash games is the ability to make your own aircraft. Compared to other casino crash games, Aviatrix is way better in payouts, design, interface, features, and gameplay. In this game, players can win up to 10,000x, making the game thrilling and captivating among gambling enthusiasts.

Responsive Table
Provider Launched Year Availability Winnings RTP
Aviatrix 2022 24x7 Up To 10000x Every Round 97%

Four key aspects make this Online Aviatrix crash game popular.

1. Easier Rules:

Aviatrix’s popularity soars because of its simple rules, making it accessible for players of all skill levels. Simply place your bet before the plane starts taking off and cash out the winnings before the plane crashes. Simple rules for smarter players like you.

2. Faster Gameplay:

The game offers an exhilarating experience with faster and action-packed gameplay. The quick way of placing bets and cashing out winnings bring the ultimate excitement. Also, the Auto mode of the game allows players to place bets and cash out winnings automatically in lightning speed.

3. Higher Winnings:

Aviatrix stands out for its enticing rewards, providing players with the potential for higher winnings. The maximum multiplier for winnings is 10,000x.

4. Better Customizations:

The game’s appeal is heightened by its robust customization options, allowing players to design their aircraft while enhancing the overall gaming experience. Players can change the color and details of their plane as per their preferences while giving it a name. Also, players can change their entire plane depending on the XP/Level.

Aviatrix Demo Gameplay [Live]

Customization Feature in Aviatrix

Until the launch of Aviatrix Game on Yolo247, it was never a possibility in any of the existing crash games to change the in-game features. Aviatrix Game allows players to customize every aspect of their aircraft as per their preference.

1. Airplane Body & Parts Colour: 

Select the perfect Body Colour for your plane. With a diverse palette of 12 vibrant hues, you have the opportunity to express your style and make your aircraft uniquely yours.

Elevate your gaming experience with the ability to add eye-catching details to the cockpit and wings of your plane. Choose from three distinct patterns and create a visually stunning aircraft that stands out in the virtual skies.

2. Give It a Name:

Make your mark in the Aviatrix Game by giving your plane an identity. Players have the opportunity to name their aircraft, adding a personal touch that goes beyond the other casino crash games. 

3. Additional Customizations (Based on Levels): 

Apart from the standard options available, you can make more changes or even change the entire plane, if you have sufficient XP/Level. There are a total of 8 Levels and 10 Experiences. 

Players who have achieved certain milestones in the form of Levels or XP can change the plane itself. Some features are not available in India, yet we expect the full customization to be accessible soon.

How to calculate your winnings in online Aviatrix crash game? 

The formula to calculate the Profits in Aviatrix is as follows: 
Your Bet Amount x Multiplier Value you cashed out = Your Winnings

For Example:

You have placed a bet amount of 10 Rs. 

You have cashed out at 4.5x Multiplier. 

Your bet amount of Rs.10 will be multiplied by the Multiplier 4.5x

Rs. 10 x 4.5 = Rs. 45

Hence, your winnings for this round is Rs.45. 

Aviatrix Profit & Winnings Calculator

Winnings: ₹ 0

How to Play Aviatrix? 

Now, let’s unravel how to play Aviatrix in simple terms. There are five steps to comprehend the gameplay of this best crash game. 

Step 1: Pick or Enter an amount of your choice
Step 2: Place your bet before the round begins
Step 3: Wait for the Multiplier to grow as the flight sours high 
Step 4: Cash out anytime before the flight crashes. 
Step 5: Winnings added to your wallet. You can play the next round 

Aviatrix Crash Game Rules 

Aviatrix game is all about placing bets before the flight takes off, waiting for the multiplier to grow, and cashing out winnings before the flight explodes. Here are a few simple rules that players should know – 

Bet Limits:

In the Aviatrix game, the minimum betting amount is Rs. 10, and those feeling a bit more adventurous can put a maximum betting amount of Rs. 30,000.

Wager Timing:

Before the flight takes off, seize the opportunity to place your bets within 5 seconds. Placing your bets quickly is key to ensuring you don’t miss out on the action

Autoplay in Aviatrix Casino Crash Game 

Like we have the Auto-bet feature in other crash games, Aviatrix provides an easy-to-use Auto-play functionality.  

All you need is to enable the feature by clicking on “Auto Play” toggle button. 

Benefits of using Auto-play in Aviatrix 

With this feature, you can set a preferred Multiplier at which you want to cash out your Profit.

1. Easy & Tension-free Cash Out:

You don’t need to worry about cashing out every round. Once the limit is set, you can take out the Profit precisely at that moment. You have an option of setting the limit from 1.01x to 100x.

2. Fixing the Auto-play for a specific number of rounds:

You can choose to automate the gameplay process for 5 or 10 or 15 or 20 rounds. There is an option to make it infinite. 

3. Stopping the Autoplay on Certain Conditions:

You can specify when you would like to stop this auto-play. 

Things to keep in mind Before Using the Auto-Play Option

Though this Aviatrix game feature is lucrative and enticing, there are a few pointers to be taken into consideration. 

  • Sparingly set ‘infinity’ as an option for Auto-play. Some players tend to automate it and may fail to track their winnings or available balance. 
  • Even if the Auto-play is enabled, always monitor the gameplay. Or else, you will not have the same experience and thrill. 
  • Get a complete overview of how the function works before executing it. 

Double Bet in Aviatrix Game 

Unlike the Auto-Play feature, Double Bet in Aviatrix Casino game is less complicated. You can double your winnings, by placing two bets.

Benefits of using Double Bet Feature in Aviatrix 

For every round, you can have two active bets. If you cash out the winnings in both bets, you get the extra Profit.

1. Maximizing the Winnings:

With this double-bet feature in Aviatrix, you can have one bigger bet and one smaller bet. Just to avoid unnecessary hassles, you can withdraw the bigger bet faster to cover your entire bet amount. You can keep the smaller bet longer enough to get a significant amount of Profit.

2. Double the Joy & Thrill:

The opportunity to win in both rounds is high and so is your thrill.

3. Choice to Change Patterns:

Once you grasp the process, you can change the bet value and the Multiplier to spice up the gaming experience. 

Things to keep in mind Before Using the Double-Bet Option

  • Be cautious about when to cash out, as you have to cash out twice every round. 

  • Be aware of the fact that you can use Auto-play also, while you do double bets. 

  • In Aviatrix Casino Game, the interface is simple and smooth. You need to have a stable internet connection to make your gaming experience better. 

Online Aviatrix Game Payouts

To understand the payout structure of Aviatrix Crash game, you must know the bet amounts. You can play using INR in Aviatrix. We have also mentioned the bet amount and payout structure in Indian Rupees.

The minimum bet is Rs.10. You can place ten rupees and play this game.

The maximum bet for every round is Rs.30000.  

Every round, you can win up to 2 Crores in this game. 

Since the Multiplier value can go up to 10000x, the Aviatrix payout depends on the bet amount you choose to wager.

Aviatrix Game Demo

On Yolo247, the Aviatrix Demo is available 24×7. With the demo option, you have an abundance of advantages.

Yes, it is free for all users. 

No, you will get free coins to place bets.

No, your demo account winnings will not be added.

Advantages of using Aviatrix Casino Game Demo

We have listed the top 5 benefits of using the demo version.

1. Learning the Game Faster

2. Involving No Real Money

3. Building Strategies

4. Exploring Features

5. Familiarising with the Game Situations

Aviatrix Game Tips & Strategies

Many players find this game simple, easy and smooth. However, to win consistently, you need to devise a few strategies based on your betting and playing patterns. We have listed a few general Aviatrix casino game tips and strategies to start with.

1. Start with the Demo Version: As it goes for any casino game, always begin your journey with a demo version. You can get a free Aviatrix demo on Yolo247.

2. Understand the Rules & Features: You must understand the mechanics and the process before you start real-money Aviatrix game.

3. Set a Goal for your wins: Once you start winning on a regular basis, fix a winning limit per day. You can also break it down for every session.

4. Avoid Martingale for Aviatrix: There are various casino strategies like Martingale; however, they may not be applicable for crash games. Go with your instinct and analysis based on historical data.

5. Make use of Double Bet: Once your basics are covered, it is time to accelerate your winning by making use of double bet and auto-play features.

Aviatrix APK | Best App to Play Aviatrix Casino Online

When you play Aviator through an app, it always gives a better experience. As the game demands timely cashing out, any lag will reduce your gameplay. That’s why Yolo247 Aviatrix App ensures seamless gambling. Among all the available Aviatrix apps, Yolo247 stands apart for its safer, faster and smoother experience. Here are some pointers to be noted while using Aviatrix APK.

  • Make sure you logged in to your account
  • Check whether you have a stable internet connectivity
  • If you don’t place bets before an Aviatrix round starts, your bet amount will not be considered.
  • There are two screens available: full screen or normal. Pick what suits your game plan.
  • Turn on notifications for regular updates on offers and contests.

Why Yolo247 is the Best Online Casino to Play Aviatrix Game?

For Aviatrix crash game, Yolo247 is undoubtedly the best choice for many online players. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Yolo247 for Aviatrix:

Your experience is elevated through an uncomplicated registration process, seamless gameplay and safer transactions.

Yolo247 provides special offers and rewards for Aviatrix crash game. You can check notifications after signing in with your account for latest updates. 

This is the foremost concern for any online casino enthusiasts. You can get almost all popular payment choices: NEFT, IMPS, RTGS, Regular UPI & Fast UPI.

Get 24×7 customer support from Yolo247. We have a track record of replying instantly to all the queries. 

You will have a safer casino exposure when it comes to payouts and transactions. Notably, all your deposits and withdrawal will be faster. 

In short, Yolo247 Aviatrix will be more entertaining, more exciting and more rewarding!

Aviatrix Offers & Bonuses on Yolo247

For Aviatrix, you will have in-game payouts and tournament rewards. Along with that, you will enjoy additional offers and bonuses from Yolo247.


Welcome Bonus


Referral Bonus


Refill Bonus

Applicable for all general Casino Promotions

You can also visit Yolo247 Promotions page for more details.

Different Types of Planes You Can Buy

Based on your level and XP, you can unlock various planes on Aviatrix game. This NFT-based game will enhance your online casino involvement.

Aviatrix Game Aircraft
Level 1 · 7 XP
Aviatrix Game Aircraft
Level 1 · 5 XP
Aviatrix Game Aircraft
Level 3 · 414 XP
Aviatrix Game Aircraft
Level 2 · 34 XP
Aviatrix Game Aircraft
Level 6 · 545100 XP
Aviatrix Game Aircraft
Level 5 · 14569 XP
Aviatrix Game Aircraft
Level 8 · 13533450 XP
Aviatrix Game Aircraft
Level 1 · 8 XP
Aviatrix Game Aircraft
Level 8 · 24582349 XP
Aviatrix Game Aircraft
Level 5 · 62345 XP
Aviatrix Game Aircraft
Level 2 · 69 XP
Aviatrix Game Aircraft
Level 4 · 4823 XP

Now, you have a panoramic view of the Aviatrix casino game. From how to play to where to play, you have an idea. Even if you have an iota of doubt when it comes to the game rules, begin your betting journey from the Aviatrix Demo Mode. 

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