Teen Patti Rules Chart | How to Play 3 Patti?

Teen Patti Rules are simple and we have made it even simpler. Teen Patti or 3 Patti is a game that involves three major factors – Cards, Money & Luck. 

A good combination of all three would help you touch skyrockets. However, if the focus is just on monetary benefits, it might lose your attention & desire to play adequately. In India, Teen Patti is a widely popular game during Diwali. 

But after the rise of online gaming platforms, it has become a daily card gambling practice.

This blog covers brief information about the game, 3 Patti game rules, and tips and tricks for beginners. 

What Is Teen Patti?

Teen Patti is a card gambling game that originated in the Indian subcontinent. Teen Patti is prevalent in South Asia and Poker card games influenced this game. 

In casinos and bars, they play 3 Patti. It consists of three to six persons at a time.

What are Teen Patti Rules?

In the Teen Patti game, players get three cards facing down. And that’s where the luck happens. The winning or losing factor depends on the cards received. For every game, the organizer or the house decides a minimum bet amount, collects from every player, and puts it in the pot. 

As the game moves forward, each player keeps putting in money & eventually, the pot money grows. Whoever wins the game takes it all.

The winner of this game is decided based on the cards in the player’s hand. The player with the highest number of cards & great amount of chips wins the game. The ranking of cards decides the value of the cards. The highest value wins. 

Following is the rank of cards from low to high that determine the player’s winning probability. 

3 Patti Rules Chart - Sequence List - Gamble Like a Pro 

Teen Patti Probability Table - Ranking of 3 Patti Hands 2023

Teen Patti Probability
3 Patti SequenceFrequencyProbabilityCumulative ProbabilityOdds
Set Or Trio Or Trail520.24%0.24%424.00:1
Pure Sequence480.22%0.45%459.42:1
Run Sequence7203.26%3.71%29.69:1
Color Or Flush10964.96%8.67%19.16:1
Pair Or Double374416.94%25.61%4.90:1
High Card Or No Pair1644074.39%100.00%0.34:1

How to Play Teen Patti?

The game is all about holding the best three cards at the end, and the player with the highest ranking of cards wins the game

Here’s a simple guide on how to play the Teen Patti (Indian version)

  1. The game begins with a minimum bet amount decided amongst the players
  2. Bet Amount: Every player puts the decided minimum bet amount in the pot on the table
  3. Card Distribution: After every player has put money in the pot, each player gets three cards, one at a time, facing downwards
  4. The players get two choices to make: Seen or Blind. If the player chooses ‘Seen’, they can see the cards; if the player selects ‘Blind’, the player cannot see them, and the cards remain facing downwards
  5. If Chosen Blind: If the player starts the game with ‘Blind’, they can choose to see the cards in the later rounds of the game
  6. The game continues until one or two players remain at the table
  7. Not to Show Cards: And if the player decides to Show up cards, the last player wins
  8. Winner: The cards are compared with the winning hand during the’ Show’ cards mode. Whoever holds the highest number of cards wins the game
  9. In case of a Tie: If there happens to be a tie, the player who called for showing card loses

Teen Patti Rules 

3 Patti is the game of those three cards that run in your hands. A simplified version of international Poker, the rules are very similar. If you know the tips and tricks of Poker, this game is for you.

The three Patti card game rules are simple & players can learn them in a few minutes. However, the art of mastering takes a lot of time. Below are some basic rules that one needs to understand and remember while playing 3 Patti.

  • All players decide on a minimum bet before the game commencement.
  • After the cards are distributed, the player gets two options. Either ‘Seen’ or ‘Blind’
  • Seen is where the player can have a look at their cards. And Blind is when the player cannot see their cards, and the cards remain on the table facing downwards.
  • If the player begins the game by Blind, they get a choice to See the cards later & play as Seen.
  • If the player is playing as Blind, then the minimum bet is the decided amount.
  • However, if the player is playing ‘Seen’, the bet must be two times (2x) the minimum decided amount.

3 Patti players can place their bets until the time when:

  1. Everyone, except one player, has folded. Here, the last surviving player wins the game.
  2. Everyone except two players has folded. In this case, one of the players must call ‘Show’ & reveal both the cards. 

The other rules for calling out ‘Show’ or carrying out other activities:

  • ‘Show’ cannot happen unless only two players leave at the table.
  • If a ‘Show’ occurs, both players must show their cards. And the player with the highest combination of cards wins the game. And if a tie happens, then the player calling for show loses.
  • Any player in their respective turns can ask their previous player for a Sideshow. The other player can accept or reject the ask without any consequences.
  • If a player accepts the Sideshow offer, the cards are compared with those two players. And the one with the lowest cards needs to fold immediately. Another player with a higher rank continues playing the game.
  • And if the cards are of equal rank during Sideshow, the player calling for Sideshows must fold the card.

How To Win At Teen Patti – Essential 3 Patti Rules & Tips For Beginners

1. Understand & Analyze

Teen Patti games might seem very easy if you have dealt with card games earlier. While playing this game, the player must understand the basics of Teen Patti & the high stakes involved. Playing this game requires strategy much more than just rules & money. 

Also, observe & research thoroughly. Read about those who know how to calculate well & begin with playing small. The player should know the Teen Patti playing card rules well beforehand to avoid unforeseen situations.

2. Blind Plays

One of the strongest and most effective strategies for playing Teen Patti is by playing Blind & testing the luck fortunes. Playing Blind involves judging the opponent’s conduct, gestures, strategy, and decision-making activities. 

However, players should know to utilize the situation carefully and intelligently.

3. Practice At Its Best

Any activity or task cannot be mastered in a day. It needs a lot of practice & patience to attain mastery. The more you play, the more you learn, and the more you keep becoming an expert at it. 

There are no shortcuts, but pure dedication & intelligence drives successful wins at the game.

4.Competitor’s Move

One of the significant moves can be analyzing what card out of the deck of 52 cards are distributed to whom. It seems pretty impossible to pertain. But being aware of previous draws, one can guess the probability of the competitor has a better card than yours.

5. Advantage Of Bonus

The online Teen Patti games provide a good casino bonus to players, which can later be used for playing or money-saving incentives. By using the Sticky Bonuses, Cashable Bonus, and Clear Play Bonuses, the player can cash out the bonuses received and maintain an easy flow of money.

These simple tips can help players lead in a good place and improve the chances of winning the game.

What Is The Difference Between Poker And 3 Patti?

Teen Patti and Poker resemble a lot of similarities between them. However, the fundamental difference is that luck is more significant in playing Teen Patti. Also, betting is different in both games, and in Teen Patti, the players need to bet the same amount.


Teen Patti is an entertaining game and promotes good brain exercise. 3 Patti rules are easier to understand. With the 3 Patti Tips suggested, anyone can win big. 

However, one should be aware of the situations arising & the money that has been put into bets. If not played actively, one might lose the majority of cash. 

This blog covered all the pre-requisite & extra information about Teen Patti. The 3 Patti rules chart briefly explained the actions that can be used whilst different situations arising in the game. It would help players understand the game better & play more confidently.

We have detailed information about how you can play & win 3 Patti. Click to read more

  1. Straight flush/pure sequence
  2. Straight/sequence
  3. Flush/color
  4. Pair

AKQ The highest is AKQ and the lowest is 4-3-2.

No, it’s not the same. Rummy is all about skillset whereas 3 Patti is more about luck.

Since there is no law in India that prohibits or says playing Teen Patti online is illegal, it is completely legal.

For this variation, the dealer places 5 cards on the table forming a plus sign, these cards can have any value as they are now joker cards. The dealer will make a decision whether the players can choose jokers from the vertical or horizontal set of the plus sign cards.

Each player is given 3 cards for this game. The players can get a upper hand if they make use of the joker cards. Or else the round keeps going until a player gets the winning set of cards.

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